Tidy Monster.

видео старое, да. 2008й год.
но мне нравится очень.

текст из видео под катом.

I said the chair's on it's side. On it's side, u know. We're a little lost..in here. But..it's ok, i can tidy up. won't take me a minute. See that? That's nothing. Really. That kind of thing happens all the time. Scratch that. Just ignore it. 'Cos u know, i can tidy up. I'm a tidying monster! Any time.

I'm not like, what do u call it, clear about what happens. See that, that! It could be real. Like, happening or in my head. U'd never know. U'd never know! See, we don't have… But i can tidy that right up right now. Like a God. We can stop that right now.

I think the wall is on my side my side. The wall. I made a joke..On any side, most of the time. We're lost in here..But the wall is on my side. This time, the time we make, we manufacture, tiny tiny. Keep the man u fracture tidy why the spectre hidey hidey. Fill inspector high and mighty. I'm the man who keeps it tidy. I'm the man who keeps it tidy. I'm the man who keeps it tidy! Tidy, tidy, tidy, i'm the man who..I'm the man who..So that's not right. We'll keep it..Keep it? Tide..dy?

We don't do this here. I'm in charge of all this. That kind of thing just isn't needed for the next…

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